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Dietrich Sülthaus - Bass

Dietrich is on the way to meet the other band members. On his own way so far, he has not only tried his hand at the electric bass, but also at the double bass, the drums and the harp. Before joining Fragyle 12 years ago he also played and tried out in various other bands.

Tramp Dietrich1.jpg

If Dietrich should get lost on a lonely island on his trip to see grandmother, he would be very happy if he had at least these 10 records with him. 

TM Stevens                   – Out Of Control BOOM

Sting                               – Bring On The Night

Renaud Garcia Fons    – Oriental Bass

Rush                               – Grace Under Pressure

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Prince                             – Parade

Tingvall Trio                   - Vägen

Apocalyptica                 – Inquisiton Symphony

Alice In Chains              – Jar Of Flies

The Clash                       – Combat Rock

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