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Gero Stoffels  -  Drums

Gero is on the way to meet the other band members. On his own way so far, he has not only tried his hand at the drums, but also the cello. Since the beginning of the new millennium he has played the cello in various orchestras. The bass was also tried out in some bands. But of course there was always drumming in parallel. For example with Trigant, rejoising and Juniper.

Tramp Gero 2.jpg

If Gero should get lost on a lonely island on his trip to see grandmother, he would be very happy if he had at least these 10 records with him. 

Apocalyptica     -  Inquisition Symphony

Billie Eilish         -   When we fall asleep, where do                                   we go

Green Day          -   American Idiot

Jamiroquay        -   Emergency on planet earth

John Lennon      -   Double Fantasy

Limp Bizkit          -   Significant other

Muse                    -   Origin of symmetry

Nirvana                -   MTV-Unplugged in NY

Soleil noir            -    Alternatifes

The Doors           -    The very Best of The Doors

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