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Moritz Burgmann   -   Keyboards

Moritz is on the way to meet the other band members. On his own way so far, he is the only remaining founding member of the band. In addition to the keyboards, he also regularly plays the backing vocals and sometimes the acoustic guitar. Since 1991 he has played exclusively for Fragyle and is therefore also responsible for the vast majority of the music and lyrics.

If Moritz should get lost on a lonely island on his trip to see grandmother, he would be very happy if he had at least these 10 records with him. 

Cutting Crew              -  Broadcast

Faith no more             -  The real thing

Frankie goes to

Hollywood                  -   Liverpool

Genesis                       -   Invisible Touch

Genesis                       -   Selling England by the pound

Huey Lewis 

and the News            -   Fore

Queen                         -   Queen II

Saga                            -   Images at twilight

The Hooters               -  One way home

Yes                               -  Tormato

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