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Fragyle from Bonn, Germany, has been around since 1991 and started as a school band.

During this time the band has recorded a repertoire of over 100 handmade songs. From the first musical attempts until today, a very unique style has developed. Progressive pop rock probably hits it best. The songs range from rocking cuddly ballads and straight 80s rock to monumental 12-minute pieces and thus cover the whole spectrum of melody-stressed rock music.

Fragyle has been playing together with the current line-up for about 2 years and is now finally happy to present its new album "Grandma's Hotel"!


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Claus  Adenäuer                Guitars

Dietrich Sülthaus               Bass

Gero Stoffels                       Drums

Moritz Burgmann               Keyboards

Stefan Peetz                       Vocals

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